Ninja training naturally builds strength, improves conditioning, enhances balance and flexibility and teaches kids to be confident as they progress.  The best part?   Because kids have so much fun learning to conquer Ninja obstacles and challenges, they oftentimes never realize how active they are being or how much their fitness is improving.

Here are just some of the benefits from Ninja training at One Stop Fun:

  • Ninja training helps kids prepare for their other sports and activities. By building kids’ strength, endurance, flexibility and confidence, Ninja training helps prepare kids for other sports and activities in which these attributes are also critically important.
  • Ninja training teaches kids to fail and to overcome. Because our ever-changing Ninja course can be scaled to almost any level of difficulty, students will be constantly challenged and motivated to push themselves and to earn success.  The impossible becomes possible with hard work and practice over time.
  • Ninja training teaches body control. Students will learn to climb, fall, and to use leverage and balance to get through our Ninja course.  These skills will benefit students throughout their lives.
  • Ninja training promotes healthy joints and bones. Participating in weight-bearing activities strengthens muscles and joints and promotes bone density.  Studies have shown that bone and joint health in adults can be traced to physical activity as a child.
  • Ninja training teaches balance and coordination. Students will be challenged to traverse from element to element, to climb or go under obstacles and more.  Through these activities, students will be learning how to control and balance themselves in a variety of scenarios.
  • Ninja training is FUN! Ok, this one could have gone first (or anywhere else on the list).  Let’s face it, when kids are having fun, everything else just falls into place.  Our philosophy focuses on kids being kids and having a great time while they reap the rewards of challenging physical activity.

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  • Our programs are centered around enhancing each child's self-esteem
  • Encouraging fitness in a fun and safe environment
  • Comprehensive Indoor playground

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