nin·ja (pronounced ˈnin-jə)


  • One who is courageous and awesome, and not afraid to try new things or to fail along the way to succeeding.
  • One who has conquered fear and self-doubt.

Example of usage in a sentence: “Did you see that kid land a perfect backflip?  She’s a flat-out Ninja.  She must have trained at One Stop Fun.”


  • Excel where others fear to tread.
  • To be awesome.

Example of usage in a sentence: “That kid totally Ninja’d his way over that obstacle.  It was amazing.  He must have trained at One Stop Fun too.”

Origin: The word ninja derives from the Japanese characters “nin” and “ja.” “Nin” means “persevere.”  In Japanese, “ja” is the combining form of sha, meaning “person.”  Thus, loosely translated, a Ninja is a person who refuses to give up and keeps going until achieving success (or something like that).


Combining elements of obstacle course running, gymnastics, jumping, climbing, and more, our instructors help students learn and master a variety of challenging elements in our ever-evolving Ninja course.  Mastery will involve learning spatial awareness, how to control body movement and function to traverse challenging obstacles and overcoming fear to reach new heights in athletic development.

One Stop Fun’s Ninja program is based on the premise of “athletics for all.”  No matter your current level of fitness, strength or athletic ability, our instructors teach students the form and techniques necessary to traverse our Ninja course.  To us, initial failure is a great thing.  We want our students to be challenged, to strive to succeed, to fall short and then ultimately to achieve their objectives on the course.  Nothing builds confidence and self-esteem like overcoming challenges that at first seemed unconquerable.

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