Party Options & Snack Bar Menu

Decorated Party Cake (Gold) $26.00
Cheese Pizza (16″) $14.00
Pepperoni Pizza (16″) $16.00
Vegetable Pizza (16″) $18.00
Make your own sundaes $3.50 each
Hot Dogs $4.00 each
Chips ‘n Dip $10.00
Vegetable Platter $19.00
Fruit Platter $25.00
Popcorn Bowl $9.00
Pretzel Bowl $9.00
Soda for adults (unlimited) $15.00
Bottled Water $2.50 each
16 1/2 pint bottles of water $8.00
Story time with Brooke Priceless
 Lobster  Market Price
Goodie Bags (available candy-free) $4-$7.00/each
One Stop Fun T-Shirts (wrapped up and ready to give to your guests) $10.00
2nd Birthday Child $20.00
FREE Birthday cake for members! FREE
For more details just ask your party planner when booking your party.


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